is an immersive sound and film installation inspired by the phenomena of auditory hallucinations in dreamlike states. 

Over an 18 month period composer Morgan Hickinbotham used method of deep listening to induce and compose music in dreamlike states and intensive documentation to recall and notate them while awake. These fragments of dreamed music were then compiled and composed into a score of three movements.

The Reflection score was adapted from an electronic collage into classical notation in collaboration with cellist Gemma Kneale

Reflection I was the first public performance of the project in collaboration with MPavilion in Melbourne, Australia. 
The score was performed by Gemma Kneale on cello and Morgan Hickinbotham on electric guitar.

The project was further developed with the addition of Cellist Chiara Anderson and using the score as reference, LAAP worked choreographer Amber McCartney to create a short film, shot on super 8 motion film. The team worked to embody concepts of visualising the unconscious self in relation to the familiar environment.

Reflection II was launched after a further development and at Testing Grounds in Melbourne’s arts precinct.
Reflection II featured a live performance of the composition by cellists Gemma Kneale and Chiara Anderson in March 2019. 
The recorded compositon and short film were featured as an installation for the following month at Testing Grounds.

Reflection III was a large scale public projection installation featured as part of the Peel Street Park Projection Program in August of 2019.
The Reflection short film was silently projected for the duration of the month with the audience able to live stream the sound compositon on their own devices.

Reflection III was featured in the ‘In Shadow Contemporary Dance Film Festival’ in Lisbon, Portugal in December 2019.

Reflection I & II are now available for online listening and download via the link here

Reflection I
Reflection II

Composition: Morgan Hickinbotham 
Producer and Curator: Bek Berger
Musicians: Gemma Kneale and Chiara Anderson.
Choreographer: Amber McCartney
Installation Design: Sophie Hayward

Graphic Design: Studio Hi Ho
Photography Documentation: Jordan Prosser

This project has been supported by MPavilion, the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program, Testing Grounds and City of Yarra.