LAAP is a collaborative studio that creates site-specific installations and augmented public engagements, offering alternative framing to everyday existence through the engagement and manipulation of sound and visual technologies.
LAAP was founded in 2017 by artists Morgan Hickinbotham and Bek Berger.

Morgan Hickinbotham
Artistic Director & Co-founder (2017 - Present)

Morgan Hickinbotham (b. 1989) is an Australian composer, sound designer, and image maker who works within the mediums of sound, image and motion picture.
Morgan’s compositions focus on creatively manipulating sound and image by exploring and expanding on minor imperfections or mistakes inherent in artistic experimentation.

He creates experimental, minimalist compositions inspired by experimental composition processes and influenced by drone, noise, classical minimalism and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Morgan has been working as a composer & sound designer for contemporary dance, as well as working professionally as a photographer since 2012.

Bek Berger
Co-founder (2017 - 2019)

Bek Berger is a creative producer, curator and contemporary performance artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her practice is focused on elevating contemporary artworks that sit in-between art forms, providing dramaturgical integrity and cultural continuity.